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Giorgio Scita

A cell biologist and expert on the dynamics of cell movement, Giorgio Scita directs the Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Migration research unit at IFOM.
Born in 1963 near Parma, Scita enrolled in the Faculty of Biology at the University of Parma in 1982 with a precise intention: to study animal behavior alongside the famous Italian ethologist Danilo Mainardi.
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Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Migration

The pathophysiology of tissue fluidification: the early steps of carcinogenesis are the processes by which locally confined epithelial malignancy progressively evolves into invasive cancer. These processes are associated with the acquisition of cell motility and disrupted cell and tissue organization and dynamics, fostered by a mechanical shift from a solid-like to a liquid-like state
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Laboratory location: Milan, Italy

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Monica Corada
Emanuela Frittoli
Staff Scientist
Andrea Disanza
Andrea Palamidessi
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Green Brenda
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Abdo Hind
Marchesi Stefano
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Barzaghi Leonardo

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