IFOM ETS - the AIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology

About us

Founded in 1998 by FIRC, IFOM is a cancer research institute focused on the study of cancer formation and development at molecular level, with a view to a rapid transfer of results from bench to bedside.

Understanding cancer. The way to cure it.

This is the founding principle of research made in IFOM, the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology: a centre focusing on the study of the molecular mechanisms underlying tumors formation and development. In this scientific field knowledge is the ultimate condition for medical care.

Molecular oncology at its best.

Researchers from all over the world pursue this one and only aim, in a multidisciplinary way and in different research fields: from molecular and cell biology to structural and computational biology, from genomics to proteomics, from molecular diagnostics to pharmacogenomics, from immunology to metabolomics.

Doing research together.

Cooperating with biomedical organizations as well as local institutions on one side, developing a network of strategic alliances with the most competitive international research centres on the other: this is deeply embedded in IFOM DNA. Doing research together is meant to undertake joint projects aiming at accelerating the acquisition of new knowledge and its application.