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Massimiliano Pagani

I am a 50 years old PhD currently responsible for the Molecular Oncology and Immunology lab at the IFOM - the FIRC Institute for Molecular Oncology in Milan and Full Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Milan (Italy). After the PhD (1996-2000, in the lab of R. Sitia, at the San Raffaele Research Centre in Milan), my research career is clearly divided in two parts: I spent eight years (2000-2008) in an Italian Biotech company, PRIMM (Milan, Italy) where I have combined my research activities with growing managerial responsibilities from Staff Scientist to Head of R&D. read more

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Molecular Oncology and Immunology

My group is interested in the dissection of the regulatory networks that shape human T cells functional plasticity in the context of tumor immune responses. We are mainly focused on T regulatory subsets that are central for the establishment of the tumor-dependent immunosuppressive mechanisms and ultimately contribute to dampening immune responses against cancer cells. read more

Laboratory location: Milan, Italy

Selected publications

  1. Bonnal RJP, Rossetti G, Lugli E, De Simone M, Gruarin P, Brummelman J, Drufuca L, Passaro M, Bason R, Gervasoni F, Della Chiara G, D’Oria C, Martinovic M, Curti S, Ranzani V, Cordiglieri C, Alvisi G, Mazza EMC, Oliveto S, Silvestri Y, Carelli E, Mazzara S, Bosotti R, Sarnicola ML, Godano C, Bevilacqua V, Lorenzo M, Siena S, Bonoldi E, Sartore-Bianchi A, Amatu A, Veronesi G, Novellis P, Alloisio M, Giani A, Zucchini N, Opocher E, Mariani N, Pisani Ceretti A, Biffo S, Prati D, Bardelli A, Geginat J, Lanzavecchia A, Abrignani S, Pagani M.
    Clonally expanded EOMES+ Tr1-like cells in primary and metastatic tumors associate with disease progression.
    Nature Immunology. 2021. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41590-021-00930-4

  2. Bocchi VD, Conforti P, Vezzoli E, Besusso D, Cappadona C, Lischetti T, Galimberti M, Ranzani V, Bonnal RJP, De Simone M, Rossetti G, He X, Kamimoto K, Espuny-Camacho I, Faedo A, Gervasoni F, Vuono R, Morris SA, Chen J, Felsenfeld D, Pavesi G, Barker RA, *Pagani M and Cattaneo E.
    The coding and long non-coding single-cell atlas of the developing human fetal striatum.
    Science. 2021. 10.1126/science.abf5759 *Corresponding author

  3. Della Chiara G, Gervasoni F, Fakiola M, Godano C, D’Oria C, Azzolin L, Bonnal RJP, Moreni G, Drufuca L, Rossetti G, Ranzani V, Bason R, De Simone M, Panariello F, Ferrari I, Fabbris T, Zanconato F, Forcato M, Romano O, Caroli J, Gruarin P, Sarnicola ML, Cordenonsi M, Bardelli A, Zucchini N, Pisani Ceretti A, Mariani NM, Cassingena A, Sartore-Bianchi A, Testa G, Gianotti L, Opocher E, Pisati F, Tripodo C, Macino G, Siena S, Bicciato S, Piccolo S, Pagani M.
    Epigenomic landscape of human colorectal cancer unveils an aberrant core of pan-cancer enhancers orchestrated by YAP/TAZ.
    Nature Communications: 10.1038/s41467-021-22544-y. 2021.

Group members

Senior Staff Scientist
Grazisa Rossetti
Senior Staff Bioinformatician
Raoul Bonnal
Post Doc
Michaela Fakiola (Bioinformatician)
Francesca Simoncello
Post-Doc Guest
Ramona Bason
Claudia D'Oria
Giulia Della Chiara
Lorenzo Drufuca (Bioinformatician)
Guest Researcher
Anna Beneggi
Elisa Monti
Mattia Toninelli (Bioinformatician)
PhD Student
Stefano Abbiati
Jacopo Arrigoni
Roberta Bordo
Carolina Dossena
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