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Marco Foiani

Marco Foiani is Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Milan and, since 2009, Scientific Director of IFOM, an international cancer center that hosts 20 groups and 300 scientists. Two research groups are operating in IFOM outstations located in Singapore (at ASTAR-p53 Laboratory and at the Mechano Biology Institute of NUS) and one in Bangalore, India, (at inSTEM & NCBS). read more

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Genome Integrity

ATR (Mec1 in yeast) mediates the DNA damage response (DDR) (Jackson and Bartek, 2009), together with ATM (Tel1 in yeast), Chk1 and Chk2 (Rad53 in yeast). Checkpoint genes are often mutated in cancer cells and the DDR represents an anti cancer barrier in response to oncogenic stimuli (Halazonetis et al., 2008). read more

Laboratory location: Milan, Italy

Recent publications

  • Awasthi P, Foiani M, Kumar A.
    ATM and ATR signaling at a glance.
    J Cell Sci. 2015 Dec 1;128(23):4255-62.
  • Rossi SE, Ajazi A, Carotenuto W, Foiani M, Giannattasio M.
    Rad53-Mediated Regulation of Rrm3 and Pif1 DNA Helicases Contributes to Prevention of Aberrant Fork Transitions under Replication Stress.
    Cell Rep. 2015 Oct 6;13(1):80-92
  • Gay S, Foiani M.
    Nuclear envelope and chromatin, lock and key of genome integrity.
    Int Rev Cell Mol Biol. 2015; 317:267-330.

Group members

Ferrari Elisa
Lucca Chiara
Staff Scientific
Achar Yathish Jagadheesh
Post Doc
Ajazi Arta
Choudhary Ramveer
Kidiyoor Gururaj Rao
Purushothaman Divya
Ribeiro Priscila Rafaela
Post Doc - Guest
Bastianello Giulia
Guest Researcher
Bruhn Christopher
PhD student
Haddad Eugenia
Mohammed Iqbal Adhil Mohamood
Porcella Giancarlo
Sanjeevamurthy Chaitra
Temporary fellow
Lowndes Conor Patrick

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"An entirely new perspective in which chromosomes are considered as mechanical objects"
Commentary on Marco Foiani's paper published in Cell, by Nancy Kleckner (2015)
The role of senataxin in cancer and ALS
Commentary on Marco Foiani and Giordano Liberi's paper published on Cell, by Giuseppe Biamonti (2013)
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