IPA Activities and Events

Career development

February 2021

Patent Course

Instructor: Francesco Grillo - IFOM TTO

November 2020

Digital Presentation

Instructor: Angela Violino

November 2018

Conversations for Exceptional Leaders

Instructor: Darbie Miller, HR Director Promega Corp. – Madison

April-May 2017

Confidence and Clarity in Science Presenting Course

December 2016

Junior PI mock interview

Instructor: Svend Petersen-Mahrt

October 2016

Data Carpentry Course

Martin Callaghan, University of Leeds, UK
Elena Sügis, University of Tartu, Estonia
Dymtro Fishman, University of Tartu, Estonia

December 2015

Scientific Writing Course

Instructor: Aileen Mitchel

September 2015

Grant Writing Course

Instructor: Oliver Panzer

Social events

Spring 2019

Table Tennis Tournanent

Photo gallery

July 2018

Hot ’n cool scientific chat

St. Valentine 2018

Scientific Speed Dating

And our Seasonal Events

Carnival Party

Spring BBQ

Autumn BBQ

Christmas Party

Science & Prosecco

July 2019

Everything I wish I knew about editorial

Speaker: Simona Fiorani

March 2019

From bench to bench side: a scientific path from the author to the funder perspectives

Speaker: Laura Galbiati

June 2018

Connecting clinical and preclinical: Drug development and clinical trial methodology

Speaker: Silvia Marsoni

May 2018

Career opportunities beyond the bench: Medical science liaison

Speaker: Federica Alberghini

December 2017

My scientific path, from IFOM to the U.S.

Speaker: Gabriele Varano

March 2017

Difficulties and joy in gaining independence

Speaker: Kristina Havas Cavalletti

April 2016

Setting up your own biotech company, the challenges and the thrill

Speaker: Yichen Shi

March 2016

Meeting with Nobel Prize Tomas Lindahl

Speaker: Tomas Lindahl

March 2016

From vaccines for the masses to vaccines just for one patient

Speaker: Riccardo Cortese

October 2015

Entrepreneurial journey into Biotech

Speaker: Erwan Lejuen

July 2015

Science-related career opportunities

Speaker: David Pina

May 2015

Meet the editor!

Speaker: Aileen Mitchel

April 2015

An insight into the role of a Medical Advisor in a pharmaceutical company

Speaker: Paola Alberici

March 2015

From bench work to research program management in a funding agency

Speaker: Alessandra Zatti

November 2014

From Academia to Industry

Speaker: Michelle Janas

July 2014

Experiences and Ideas

Elisabetta Dejana - Francesco Blasi

June 2014

How to become PI

Speaker: Marco Foiani

Pizza Talks


October 2020 (3rd Webex edition)

Digging into tumor epigenomics exploiting human 3D organoids model

Giulia Della Chiara - Pagani lab

A novel role for damage-induced telomeric RNAs in Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres

Corey Jones-Weinert - d'Adda di Fagagna Lab

May 2020 (2nd Webex edition)

Macropinocytosis- cell's drinking behavior

Sumit Kumar Dey - Scita lab

In search of understanding the non-coding genome

Raquel Sofia Silva - Ferrari Lab

April 2020 (1st Webex edition)

How DNA damage shapes colorectal cancer evolution

Giulia Dell’Omo - d'Adda di Fagagna Lab

Screening of proteins that potentially are recruited by the immunological checkpoint LAG-3

Priscila Ribeiro - Bachi Lab

January 2020

From Pizzel to Biological Information

Emanuele Martini - Imaging

Pros and Cons of Circulating Tumor Cells for Diagnostics

Brenda Green - Scita Lab


December 2019

Everything you always wanted to know about Spectrin (but were afraid to ask!)

Camilla Galli - Gauthier lab

Prognostic value of lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio for diffuse large-B cell lymphoma and its correlation with tumor microenvironment

Paola Sindaco - Casola lab

October 2019

How Intellectual Property promotes innovation

Francesco Grillo - Technology Transfer Office

Bio-logic materials

Fabrizio Pennacchio - Maiuri lab

September 2019

Decoding the molecular mechanism of Myosin VI in cancer cells migration

Luca Menin - Polo lab

High throughput single cell analysis of peripheral blood regulatory T cells (Treg) in cancer patients: a transcriptomic approach to catch the undetectable

Alessandro Poli - Maiuri lab

June 2019

Dr. Strangelove or how I learn to stop worrying and love the informatic

Cristiano Petrini - Ferrari lab

Aberrant activation of Notch signaling in mature B-cell neoplasms

Hiroshi Arima - Casola lab

May 2019

Bridging the gap between basic and clinical research with master protocols and proof-of-concept clinical trials

Paolo Luraghi - Marsoni lab

Branches of cancer research at a glance

Rosaria Chilà - Bardelli lab

April 2019 (Legacy edition)

Christopher Bruhn (IPA president, year 2015) - Foiani lab

Chiara Bruckmann (IPA president, year 2016) - Blasi lab

Umberto Restuccia (IPA president, year 2017) - Proteomics Unit

Janine Weber (IPA president, year 2018) - Polo lab

February 2019

Nuclear morphometrics and chromatin condensation patterns as disease biomarkers using a mobile microscope

Michele Crestani- Gauthier lab

Fasting-mimicking diet-based non-toxic combination therapy for the treatment of KRAS mutant cancers

Maira Di Tano - Longo lab

January 2019

For the generation of reprogrammed research-grade iPSCs and their differentiated progeny

Cinzia Cancellieri - Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells service

IgD, the enigmatic antibody

Koustav Pal - Ferrari lab


December 2018

An overview of recently introduced light microscopy methods in the IFOM Imaging TDU

Imaging Technological Development Unit

October 2018

Tracking genomic and response heterogeneity during HER2 blockade in colorectal cancer

Luca Lazzari - Marsoni lab

IgD, the enigmatic antibody

Daniel Segura - Casola lab

September 2018

Best Events Ever Realized

Janine Weber (IPA) - Polo lab

"Feeling the Force": Novel tools for mechanobiology

Floriana Ascione - Li lab

April 2018

Decoding properties of proliferating cells under constant mitotic checkpoint activation

Andrea Corno - Ciliberto lab

Roles of the SMC5/6 complex in DNA repair and chromosome integrity in vertebrate cells

Francesco Rossi - Branzei lab

March 2018

Unknomics: The art of doing something when you don't know what to do!

Giuseppe Martano - Bachi Lab

Prep1. The enigmatic transcription factor

Alexander Egorov - Blasi lab

February 2018

Theoretical models of single-cell growth

Cosentino Lagomarsino

Chromatin-remodeling factor SSRP1 regulates DNA replication origin distribution and early embryonic development

Lucia Falbo - Costanzo Lab


June 2017

Secretome Signature of Malignant Melanoma

Vittoria Matafora - Bachi's lab

A novel method for detailed characterization of small RNAs

Julio Aguado - d'Adda di Fagagna Lab

May 2017

Alterations in Lipid Metabolism drive Breast Cancer Recurrence

Kristina Havas Cavalletti

Impact of biophysical forces in genome instability and cancer

Gururaj Kidiyoor - Foiani’s lab

April 2017

Role for Epn3 in breast cancer and in the physiology of the mammary gland

Giovanni Giangreco - Di Fiore lab

Junctional Adhesion Molecule-A regulates Claudin-5 expression through a C/EBPα /β-catenin axis

Monica Giannotta - Dejana lab

March 2017

Biomedical technologies for biologist

Qingsen Li - Foiani lab

Atg6/Beclin 1 couples the replication stress response to amino acid metabolism

Arta Ajazi - Foiani lab

February 2017

Redundant and non-redundant functions of the endocytic adaptor proteins Eps15 and Eps15L1 in mammals

Cinzia Milesi - Di Fiore lab

A whole-genome approach to identify microRNA "modifiers" of breast cancer stem cell self-renewal

Marilena Bicchieri - Di Fiore lab

January 2017

Characterization of the E3 ligase HECW1

Elena Maspero - Polo lab

Modeling EGFR ubiquitination and activation

Alexia Conte - Di Fiore lab


November 2016

Sox17 is a co-effector in Wnt/β-catenin mediated blood-brain barrier development

Ganesh Bhat - Dejana lab

Myosin VI between endocytosis and cell migration

Matteo Biancospino - Polo lab

October 2016

Deregulation of NUMB in breast cancer

Veronica D'Uva - Di Fiore lab

I'm careful... Understanding and managing cell contaminations

Isabella Ponzanelli - Cell Biology Unit

September 2016

The response to DSBs inside the telomeric repeats

Ylli Doksani

The role of biology lab in Experimental Therapeutics Unit

Ciro Mercurio - Experimental Therapeutics Unit

June 2016

What we have and what we offer

Dario Parazzoli - Imaging TDU

Shaping cells to shape the nucleus

Paolo Maiuri

May 2016

A CRISPR-guide RNA library created from mRNA

Hiroshi Arakawa - Foiani lab

Fasting, longevity and cancer

Monica Testoni - Longo lab

April 2016

Zebrafish Unit

Gianluca Deflorian -Zebrafish Unit

Membrane traffic in breast cancer

Hiroaki Kajiho - Scita lab

March 2016

Microarray or NextGen sequencing

Simone Minardi - Genomics Unit

Telomere maintenance through homologous recombination

Corey W. Jones-Weinert - d'Adda di Fagagna Lab

February 2016

Mass spectrometry and Metabolomics

Umberto Restuccia - Bachi lab

Computational genomics, Transcriptomics

Endre Sebestyén - Ferrari lab