IFOM Tomas Lindahl - President Scientific Adivisory Board

Tomas Lindahl

Emeritus Group Leader - The Francis Crick Institute and President of the IFOM Scientific Advisory Board

Tomas Lindahl completed medical studies at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and has consistently been active in research. He worked as a post-doctoral fellow on nucleic acid biochemistry with J. Fresco at Princeton and G. Edelman at Rockefeller University, joining the faculty of the Karolinska Institute in 1969.

He became Professor of Medical Chemistry at the University of Gothenburg in 1978. In 1981 he was appointed Head of the Mutagenesis Laboratory at the ICRF Mill Hill Laboratories in London. From 1984 to 2006 he was Director of the Clare Hall Laboratories at ICRF and Cancer Research UK, also serving as Deputy Director of Research. Amongst many distinctions, Tomas Lindahl is a member of EMBO, a fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Society, London.

He was the Royal Society Croonian Lecturer in 1996 and received a Royal Medal in 2007, INSERM Prix Etranger in 2009, and the Copley Medal in 2010 of the Royal Society. He has received honorary doctorates from the Universities of Gothenburg, Oslo, Sheffield, and Sussex. He is now Emeritus Director of Cancer Research UK, Clare Hall Laboratories, and involved in various scientific activities.

Visiting Professor of the Chinese Academy of Science 2009 - 2012
2010 - Scientific Advisor, Beijing Inst. of Genomics2010
2010 - Scientific Advisory Board, IFOM Milan
2010 - Scientific Advisory Board, Cancer and Ageing Centre, University of Nice, France
2010 - Hon. Professor in Medical Oncology, University of Sheffield.

From 2010 he is President of the IFOM Scientific Adivisory Board

In 2015 he awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Dr Tomas Lindahl talks at that the IFOM-NUI Galway Symposium about cancer and genome instability. (2015)

Dr Tomas Lindahl talks at that the IFOM-Kyoto University Joint Symposium in Milan on setting up a new research institute. (2013)

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