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Paolo Maiuri

Paolo Maiuri, a physicist expert in quantitative biology, directs the Spatiotemporal organization of the nucleus research program at IFOM.
Born in Salerno in 1979, Maiuri graduated in physics at the University "Federico II" in Naples and successively moved to the study of the living matter with a PhD in the Molecular Virology group headed by Alessandro Marcello at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB, Trieste, Italy). read more

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Spatiotemporal organization of the nucleus

The main interest of our lab is to study the effect of external physical cues on cell nuclear organization in space and time. We aim to investigate, relaying on quantitative and multidisciplinary approaches, if and how in function of specific mechanical stress genes are re-positioned and/or differentially activated. read more

Laboratory location: Milan, Italy

Last publications

  • P. Maiuri, J.F. Rupprecht, S. Wieser, V. Ruprecht, O. Benichou, N. Carpi, M. Coppey, S. De Beco, N. Gov, C.P. Heisenberg, C. Large-Crespo, F. Lautenschlaeger, M. Le Berre, A. M. Lennon-Dumenil, M. Raab, H.R. Thiam, M. Piel, M. Sixt, R. Voituriez.
    Actin flows mediate a universal coupling between cell speed and cell persistence.
    Cell, 2015.
  • Y.J.Liu, M. Le Berre, F. Lautenschlaeger, P Maiuri, A.C. Jones, M. Heuz√©, T Takaki, R. Voituriez, M. Piel.
    Confinement in a non-adhesive environment induces fast amoeboid migration of slow mesenchymal cells.
    Cell, 2015.
  • A. J. Jimenez, P. Maiuri, J. Lafaurie-Janvore, S. Divoux, M. Piel, F. Perez.
    ESCRT Machinery Is Required for Plasma Membrane Repair.
    Science, 2014.

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