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RESEARCH4LIFE has been established as the first Science Advocacy initiative in Italy


Research4Life, the first Science Advocacy initiative in Italy, was presented in the Italian Senate today. It was launched by a large group of institutions, including from the very beginning IFOM, who have decided to speak with one voice to safeguard the future of biomedical research in Italy by promoting correct information and dialogue among institutions, civil society and the world of research.

A peculiar characteristic of Research4Life is that it gives space not only to academic researchers, but also to people who translate results into the therapies available on the market, to those who deliver therapies to patients and especially to the patients waiting for a cure.

The first appeal that Research4Life makes to the institutions concerns the delicate and complex use of animal models in biomedical research: "Italy must soon realign with the rest of Europe on the subject of animal testing, if we want our research to remain competitive and able to respond to unresolved health problems."

You can join the list of signatures on the site www.research4life.it

    last update: 09/03/16