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Lymphomas: the backstage of the research that highlights their complexity and recommends the use of combined therapies

Commentary on Varano et al. "The B-cell receptor controls fitness of MYC-driven lymphoma cells via GSK3β inhibition", Nature 2017, 546:302-6.

p53-dependent apoptosis: novel insight into the basis underlying microcephaly

A commentary on Vincenzo Costanzo's paper published in Nature Communications. (2016)
IFOM Review

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Replication Stress Response - Ylli Doksani

Mechano-Oncology - Nils Gauthier

Genome Diagnostics - Stefano Casola

Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Migration
Giorgio Scita


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‘L’identikit del cancro in dieci tratti’: arriva l’ebook che dà una mano agli insegnanti di Scienze



Matilde, ricercatrice in erba

Il Gazzettino Pordenone


A Matilde, 17 anni, l'alloro degli studenti ricercatori

Messaggero Veneto - Pordenone


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