IFOM The Structure

The Structure

IFOM laboratories and scientific services have been designed bearing in mind the needs of both modern science and of our researchers.

Open Space

Open space labs are available in order to facilitate mutual cooperation, scientific discussion and knowledge sharing. Each floor also has a cell culture lab, both a hot and a cold room allowing researchers to closely follow their projects.

Conference room

A 200 seats fully equipped conference room is used throughout the year for a vibrant calendar of events and seminars with foreign researchers, thus representing a focal point for scientific discussion in the institute.

Meeting rooms

Many fully equipped meeting rooms located in the IFOM headquarter, represent comfortable areas where researchers as well as guests can meet and work.


Our canteen can seat about 150 people; large glasses allow for natural lighting for most of the day, making the environment cosy and comfy.

Working environment



Headquarter Via Adamello 16, 20139 - Milan Italy
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