Researcher in AI Algorithms for Medical Imaging

2023/09 | Milan

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Department overview

The Precision Oncology Unit (POU) at the AIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM-ETS) is seeking a Researcher in AI Algorithms for Medical Imaging.
The POU works as the go-between of basic/translational and clinical research by:

  • Developing and managing, master observational trials to feed basic/translational researchers with annotated longitudinal clinical data and samples on one side, and to promote real-world evidence studies to sustain the discovery of new predictive & prognostic biomarkers on the other one (also exploiting Artificial Intelligence-based approaches applied to radiological and pathological images);
  • Designing implementing managing and analyzing
    • real-world cohort studies to discover/validate new predictive composite biomarkers, including AI-based molecularly informed radiopathomics.
    • cutting-edge proof-of-concept clinical trials developed from the grounds of basic/translational research discoveries;
    • confirmatory large scale translational-dense trials, focusing in colorectal cancer.

POU is funded by major charities and pharma-related supportive grants and is embedded in two large consortia of multidisciplinary research in the field of colorectal and breast cancer.

Profile Description

The Researcher in AI Algorithms in Medical Imaging will report directly to the POU Group leader and he/she will be involved, but not limited to:

  • Develop advanced AI algorithms leveraging deep learning, computer vision, and machine learning techniques for medical imaging (radiomics and/or digital pathology).
  • Analyze and interpret complex medical images to enable accurate disease detection, classification, and prognosis prediction.
  • Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams within Italy and across Europe to contribute to innovative research projects aimed at advancing medical imaging in healthcare.
  • Participate to working group meetings with European collaborators.
  • Stay abreast of the latest advancements in AI and medical imaging, incorporating new methodologies and technologies into research projects.
  • Present research findings at conferences, publish in peer-reviewed journals, and actively contribute to the dissemination of knowledge within the scientific community.

Qualifications and Skills

  1. MSc in Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering or similar (Ph.D. or equivalent degree will be preferred).
  2. Previous expertise in the development and implementation of AI algorithms for medical imaging (radiomics and/or digital pathology).
  3. Proficiency in deep learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch) and programming languages commonly used in AI research (e.g., Python, C++).
  4. Solid understanding of image processing techniques, feature extraction, and algorithm optimization.
  5. Strong communication and collaboration abilities, with a demonstrated ability to work effectively within multidisciplinary teams.
  6. Problem solving attitude, specifically being pro-active, collaborative, critically creative and able to work independently under the pressure of deadlines.
  7. Good oral and written communication skills in English (experience of scientific presentations will be preferred).

What we offer

International work environment
Continuous training
Relocation cost support
Guest house inside the Campus
Agreements with discounts for Gym, Pharmacy, Psychology service and various shops around Ifom area
Bar and canteen inside the campus & lunch benefit
Company Nursery
Continuous support to candidates and their families (including homing, schooling, registration to the national health system, work permit etc.) thanks to the activities of the Welcome office
Medical Service
Caf service- tax declaration
Lab G: it is a lab specifically designed for pregnant or breastfeeding women researchers


Milan - Ripamonti area

Type of Contract

CCNL Chimico Farmaceutico.
The candidate will be offered a competitive salary, commensurate with skills and working experience.


Send applications to:
Precision Oncology Unit
IFOM ETS - The AIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology
Via Adamello 16, 20139 Milano (Italy)
Email: sm-group[@]ifom.eu
Website: Precision Oncology Unit

last update: 04/09/23
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