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Aging and cancer

DNA is the most valuable asset for our cells, which have developed many mechanisms to protect its information and to repair DNA damage. How do they work? And what happens when they stop work properly?

Aging and cancer

What is the role of DNA repair processes in aging and cancer? What happens if we accumulate errors in our genome? Why are cancer and aging two sides of the same coin?

Youscientist . Aging and cancer

The DNA damage response

When the DNA is damaged, the cell activates a series of responses that allow it to identify the type of damage and repair it. What mechanisms are involved? And what are the differences between them?

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All ready when the alarm goes off!

When there is a DNA lesion, a special alarm is triggered in the cell. Nothing is left to chance and every protein has a precise role: sensors, mediators, guardians. How do they work together to restore genome integrity?

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When the mechanism is impaired

What happens when the molecular machines that repair DNA no longer work the way they should? What effects do they have on cells as we age or in some genetic diseases?

Youscientist . Aging and cancer

An extra weapon against cancer

Scientific research in the field of DNA damage response has allowed scientists to identify different repair mechanisms. What discoveries have paved the way to new treatments?

Youscientist . Aging and cancer