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G. V. Shivashankar

G.V. Shivashankar is currently the Deputy Director of Mechanobiology Institute (MBI), National University of Singapore, Singapore. He is also heading the Joint Research Laboratory between IFOM and MBI that is focused on understanding the role of nuclear mechanics in Cancer.
Shivashankar laboratory is interested in understanding the impact of cell-geometric constraints on nuclear mechanics and genome regulation in living cells. read more

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Nuclear Mechanics & Genome Regulation

Mechanical signals from the extracellular matrix impinge on cellular geometry resulting in altered functional nuclear landscape and gene expression programs. These alterations regulate diverse biological processes including stem-cell differentiation, developmental genetic programs and cellular homeostatic control systems. How such signals are integrated to the 3D spatio-temporal organization of the cell nucleus to elicit differential gene expression patterns are poorly understood. read more

Laboratory location: Singapore

Pubblicazioni recenti

  • Caroline Uhler & G.V.Shivashankar
    Nuclear mechano-genomics
    Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, (invited review 2017 - under submission)
  • Caroline Uhler & G.V.Shivashankar
    Chromosome intermingling as mechanical hotspots for genome regulation
    Trends in Cell Biology (invited review 2017 - under review)
  • Bibhas Roy, Prasuna Rao and G.V.Shivashankar
    Geometric confinement of cells induce nuclear reprogramming
    (2017 – under review)
  • Aninda Mitra, Saradha.V. Pathy, Prasuna Rao and G.V.Shivashankar
    Cell-geometric-constraints differentially regulate TNFα-mediated gene expression programs
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences-USA - (final revision, 2017)

Group members

Roy Bibhas
Pritt Malgulwar
Past PhD students, year degree awarded & current position
Nikhil Jain - (2014) Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University
Soumya Gupta - (2013) Medical writer, Singapore
Shefali Talwar - (2013) e-Commerce business consultant, India
Abhishek Kumar - (2013) Postdoctoral fellow, Yale University, USA
Venkatesan Iyer - (2013) Postdoctoral fellow , Max-Plank, Dresden
Shovamayee Maharana - (2013) Postdoctoral fellow, Max-Plank , Dresden
Feroz Meeran - (2009) Consultant, Bangalore BioCluster, India
Aprotim Mazumder - (2009) Postdoctoral fellow, MIT, USA
Dipanjan Bhattacharya - (2008) Postdoctoral fellow, MIT-Singapore, Singapore
Bidisha Banerjee - (2007) Assistant Professor, IISER-Kolkata, India
Deepak Sinha - (2007) Assistant Professor, IACS-Kolkata, India
Gautam Soni - (2006) Assistant Professor, Raman Institute, India
T.Roopa - (2006-09) Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

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