IICII Summer School
in Quantitative Biology

September 09th- 20th, 2024 | IFOM, Milan - Italy

Format and structure of the school

This is a hands-on school of quantitative biology where students perform wet-lab experiments, acquire the necessary theoretical tools to understand their data, analyze the data and quantify their results. The school is a joint initiative between ICTP-ICGEB, Curie Institute and IFOM (Hence the acronym - IICII). Each week is formed of two modules. Students can attend two modules out of four. The school will be held every Summer, rotating between Milan (IFOM), Trieste (ICTP-ICGEB), and Paris (Curie Institute). In each edition, the host node will set up the wet-lab part, and there will be guest lecturers from the other two nodes. The first edition will be held at IFOM in September 2024. We plan a second edition in Trieste in 2025 and one in Paris in 2026.


A mix of undergraduates and Master's students from hard-sciences and biological sciences. The school is designed especially for students who are considering pursuing a PhD in research areas at the interface between biology and quantitative sciences.


The goal of the quantitative biology summer school is to promote interdisciplinary approaches to biological problems and create an interdisciplinary environment between biology and mathematics, physics, engineering, statistics, and computer science.

4 Modules

The school will have four different modules, and will last 2 weeks. Each module will comprise one full week, so that every student will be able to attend 2 of the 4 modules.
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The school will offer housing and some benefits to the students.
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Throughout the school the students will attend also seminars by other IFOM Principal Investigators.

Past experience at IFOM

A past local school with a similar format was held at IFOM during the years 2016-2017-2019, around 20 students per edition attended the school. We would like to maintain this size also in the future editions, at least in IFOM. In the past local editions of the school (stopped with covid-19), we noticed how the school become more popular with time, with an increasing number of applicants.
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IFOM, Via Adamello 16 - Milan, Italy
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Deadline for applications: March 31st 2024

For more information please send an e-mail to events-team[@]