IICII Summer School in Quantitative Biology

September 09th- 20th, 2024 | IFOM, Milan - Italy

SP2G: Quantitative Motility Test for Glioblastoma

Course description

-Second week module-

In this module we will focus our attention on quantitative approaches to tackle cell motility. We will teach students how to use microfabrication to mimic in vivo environment. Those devices aims at mimicking the brain vasculature, one of the main road of invasion that this devastating cancer exploits. To generate experimental results, we will spread glioblastoma derived tumor sphere on the microfabricated devices while recoding the cell behavior using live cell imaging. We will then use quantitative imaging approaches based on FIJI software to measure cell velocity, persistency, collective behavior….. The students will have the chance to learn a complete set of experiments aims at decorticating the different motility modes used by this cancer and they will bring back this “baggage” with them to tackle other biological questions.


Nils Gauthier

IFOM ETS - The AIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology