Cancer-Related Biobanks:

a Value for Translational Research and Precision Oncology

March 21st, 2019 - IFOM, Milan (IT)

This event aims to highlight how tumor biobanks accelerate high-quality translational research into clinical benefit, and provide a valuable resource to basic scientists embarking on translational studies.

Confirmed Speakers

Benedetta Artegiani Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, NL

Giuseppina Bonizzi Biobank IEO Milan, IT

Christoph Brochhausen Pathol. Inst. Regensburg University, DE

Pasquale De Blasio ISENET Biobanking, Milan, IT

Peter Riegman Erasmus Tissue Bank, Rotterdam, NL

Karine Sargsyan BBMRI and Medical University of Graz, AT

Claudio Tripodo University of Palermo and IFOM, Milan, IT

Kurt Zatloukal BBMRI and Medical University of Graz, AT


Domenico Delia IFOM, IT

Isabella Ponzanelli IFOM, IT

Ilaria Rancati IFOM, IT


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Anna Galgano & Giovanna D'Aste
IFOM Event Organization
Ph. +39 02 574 303 221/232


The FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology Foundation

Via Adamello 16, 20139 - Milan (IT)
Conference Room, Building 9
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