Confocal image shows V-ATPase (V1 c; green), Notch (red) and DAPI (blue) in Drosophila egg chambers at progressive stages of development. Big cells in the center of each chamber constitute the germline, the surrounding tissue is the follicular epithelium, apical side facing the germline.

The proton pump vacuolar H+ ATPase (V-ATPase) is the main energized proton pump in the cell. Its function is pleiotropic and central to many cellular processes, such as lysosomal function and acidification of organelles and of the extracellular milieu. Despite more than 30 years of studies, V-ATPase has only recently implicated in regulation of major signaling pathways. Such exciting new physiologic roles of V-ATPase could be highly relevant to cancer.

The symposium will bring together a terrific group of investigators with interests in the physiologic and pathologic aspects of V-ATPase function in various model systems and in patients. We hope that this conference will help to focus on the functions of V-ATPase in cancer, which are currently unclear and understudied.

Sponsored by the German Research foundation (DFG) - Research Unit 1406 and organized by IFOM, the symposium is meant to be a platform to encourage new ideas and collaborations.

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