Junior Principal Investigator position in IFOM-­Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine joint laboratory on cancer biology

Junior Principal Investigator, Dec 2018


The FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) in Milan has initiated a collaborative alliance on cancer research with Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine (KUGSM), Kyoto Japan. We are looking for an outstanding scientist with a strong scientific track record. A tenure track position at junior level is offered for a six-years period. The selected investigator will have full access to centralized service facilities needed to conduct an independent research program. She/He will be offered an attractive salary, a competitive start-up package and access to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The candidate will be based at KUGSM, operating in a highly stimulating scientific environment and with the unique possibility to collaborate with internationally recognized scientists and clinicians affiliated to high-ranking medical departments. Close interactions with members of the IFOM scientific community will be fostered through regular visits to Milan in the frame of KUGSM/IFOM joined research programs. Professional spoken and written English is mandatory and knowledge of Japanese language is not essential.



The FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology (IFOM) is an international, non-profit research centre headquartered in Milan (Italy) and funded by the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research (FIRC). IFOM has rapidly developed into an attractive environment for cutting edge science aimed at understanding the molecular processes responsible for the onset and development of cancer. IFOM has joint laboratories in India and Singapore.

Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

The Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine (KUGSM) is a comprehensive biomedical research institute with associated research hospital based in Kyoto (Japan). Founded in 1897, KU-GSM has been a home for a number of pioneering discoveries from Fujinami sarcoma virus to iPS cells, T-reg, and anti-PD-1-based cancer immunotherapy.

Research topics

  1. Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms regulating cancer cell immune recognition and evasion: from basic principle to clinical applications. A particular interest will be given to the following areas of investigation: a. Immune cell engineering in cell-based anti-cancer therapies
    b. Metabolic bases of immune cell recognition/tolerance to tumor cells
    c. Molecular regulation of immune checkpoint modulators
    d. Tracking cancer and immune response evolution during tumor progression at single cell resolution, using DNA and RNA single cell analysis
    e. Genome instability as source of neoantigen expression in cancer cells: genetics, preclinical modelling and implications for therapeutic interventions
    f. Immune cell aging and its implication in cancer development and progression
    g. Dynamics of immune cell recruitment, activation and tolerance during early steps of tumorigenesis and cancer progression in vivo using live cell imaging and single cell transcriptomics
    h. Mechanisms of cancer resistance to immune checkpoint blockade
  2. Metabolic basis of tumorigenesis and aging
  3. Molecular bases of cancer cell invasion, metastasis, and recurrence
  4. Cancer cell heterogeneity and evolution
  5. Theoretical approaches in cancer research (including application of AI)
  6. Innovative experimental models and technologies in cancer biology

Work location

Kyoto University, Graduate School of Medicine
Yoshidakonoecho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8315, Japan

Salary and contracts

Salary will be paid as a fixed amount in Japanese Yen on the basis of a 3+3 years tenure track contract. Further details about contract, salary and benefits (e.g. health and social insurance, relocation expenses) will be negotiated with selected candidates individually.

Required documents

Prepare the documents below as PDF (max size 5 Mb) and send to kyotoapplication-team[@]ifom.eu

  1. CV and E-mail address
  2. Up to 5 top publications in international peer reviewed scientific journals
  3. Complete list of publications
  4. Brief description of previous research and achievements (A4, 2 pages)
  5. Summary of research interests and future perspectives (A4, 3-­4 pages)
  6. List of competitive external funds obtained;; indicate whther you are the main researcher or a collaborator
  7. Two letters of recommendation (include the title, affiliation, and contact information of the referee, and where and how the referee got to know the applicant).
    *Recommendation letter should be addressed to IFOM Scientific Director and to KUGSM Dean


  • All documents should be prepared in English (including the recommendation letter)
  • Application documents will not be returned


Until the position is filled but not later than 31st January 2019.

Start of employment

Earliest date possible after 1st April 2019 (Negotiable).

Selection process

Only persons who pass the application screening will be interviewed.

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