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eBook "L'identikit del cancro"

How much do you know about cancer and its molecular causes? What do scientists have discovered about cancer in recent years? And what we can expect from cancer research in the next ones?


Many questions go around this disease: most of them are complex and, often, without a conclusive answer. "The identikit of cancer in ten traits" is the e-book developed by YouScientist to talk about cancer. The book is focused on the most recent research findings: above all, the fact that all cancer cells, independently of their origin and complexity, possess ten specific and distinct features (i.e. the ten hallmarks of cancer).

Browse among its multimedia contents to learn more about the complexity of cancer and discover the ten hallmarks that shape its molecular identikit!

You can download for free the first three chapters of the e-book.

Please note that e-books are in Italian.

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