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Singapore - MBI

The IFOM-MBI Joint Research Lab is the result of the partnership between IFOM and the Mechanobiology Institute of Singapore (MBI). MBI is a Research Centre for Excellence funded by the National Research Foundation and established since 2009 at the National University of Singapore (NUS), one of the best universities in Asia ranking amongst the top thirty in the world.

The Mechanobiology Institute

MBI identifies, measures and describes how the forces for motility and morphogenesis are expressed at the molecular, cellular and tissue level. This goal is achieved through the integration of multidisciplinary expertise and methods developed in fields such as mathematics, physics, engineering and computational biology. [MBI web site]

Research activities

The IFOM-MBI Joint Research Lab brings together the biophysical and biomechanical resources developed by MBI with the cancer cell biology expertise of IFOM to explore how cell-geometric constraints on nuclear mechanics have an impact on nuclear mechanics and genome regulation in living cells.

Video interview

What is IFOM strategy in Asia and why did MBI choose to partner with IFOM? IFOM Scientific Director Marco Foiani and MBI Director Michael Sheetz answer these questions and discuss the synergies between the two research institutes in the field of cancer research and mechanobiology.


Interview with G. Scita and GV Shivashankar