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Svend Petersen-Mahrt

Born in Hamburg Germany, Svend Petersen-Mahrt came to Italy and IFOM in 2011. Head of the DNA Editing in Immunity and Epigenetics laboratory, Svend Petersen-Mahrt researches DNA deaminases.
In high school, Svend Petersen- Mahrt became fascinated with computers and genetics, and combining these interests led him to do a degree in Microbiology, at Texas A&M University. Pursuing an academic career.read more

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DNA Editing in Immunity and Epigenetics

The DNA in our cells provides the blue-print of our body temporally as well as spatially. Evolution has placed a high premium on keeping this beautiful molecule stable throughout the lifetime of the organism, with DNA instability leading to mutations and genomic alterations, and possibly oncogenesis. Standing in almost direct opposition to this dogma, our laboratory is studying a group of enzymes called DNA deaminases, which induce DNA instability via deaminating dC residues to dU. read more

Laboratory location: Milan, Italy

Recent publications

  • Don-Marc Franchini, Chun-Fung Chan, Hugh Morgan, Elisabetta Incorvaia, Gopinath Rangam, Wendy Dean, Fatima Santos, Wolf Reik, and Svend K. Petersen-Mahrt. 2014.
    Processive DNA demethylation via DNA deaminase-induced lesion resolution.
    PLoSOne 9(7):e97754. (ISI 4.1)
  • Don-Marc Franchini, Elisabetta Incorvaia, Gopinath Rangam, Heather A., and Svend K. Petersen-Mahrt. 2013.
    Simultaneous in vitro characterisation of DNA deaminase function and associated DNA repair pathways.
    PLoSOne,8(12):e82097 (ISI 4.1)
  • Gopinath Rangam, Kerstin-Maike Schmitz, Alexander J. A. Cobb and Svend K. Petersen-Mahrt. 2012.
    AID enzymatic activity is inversely proportional to the size of cytosine C5 orbital cloud.
    PLoSOne, 7:e43279 (ISI 4.1 - 13)

Group members

Elisabetta Incorvaia
Lara Sicouri
Kerstin-Maike Schmitz
PhD student
Federica La Mastra
Ilaria Spadafora

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A key insight on the enzymatic activity of AID
A commentary to Svend Petersen-Mahrt's paper published on Journal of Experimental Medicine, by Michael Neuberger (2013)
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